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About American Farmland Owner


Since its founding in 2017, American Farmland Owner (AFO) has been dedicated to cultivating a sense of community for farmland owners and empowering them through education and collaboration. AFO aims to help landowners make informed decisions for their farmland while ensuring the prosperity of American agriculture. Recognizing the lack of a consistent and reliable source for landowners to get their news, AFO stepped in to fill this crucial gap and serve as a trusted source and gathering place Where Landowners Get Their News®. AFO plays a pivotal role in keeping landowners informed about the latest developments and trends in the agricultural industry. This commitment ensures that farmland owners are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture in order to promote the longevity of their farms for generations to come.

In the fall of 2023, AFO took a significant step in this direction by bringing on Dave Price, a premier Iowa-based journalist and former executive news producer, to contribute agricultural news reporting and analysis as well as in-depth one-on-one interviews with industry thought leaders. Dave's expertise and experience in reporting is invaluable in delivering accurate, concise, and up-to-date information to farmland owners across the nation.

In partnership, the AFO apparel brand serves as not just a badge of honor but also as a symbol of commitment and dedication by American farmland owners to improving their stewardship of American farmland.

AFO is proud to be the voice of American farmland owners, not only by celebrating their contributions but also by providing the knowledge and resources necessary to build a bright and sustainable future for our nation's agricultural legacy.


Our mission at American Farmland Owner, is to honor and champion the distinctive and essential contributions made by farmland owners to our communities and our nation while serving as a trusted news source for the latest developments and trends in agriculture – the place Where Landowners Get Their News®. Whether you have a legacy of landownership spanning generations or are a new owner embarking on your journey, we share your passion for the land and your dedication to responsible stewardship. Together, we work towards the enduring prosperity of American agriculture, ensuring that its legacy thrives for generations yet to come.


American Farmland Owner Pride

American Farmland Owner Anthem

An original song produced by Midwest-raised and Nashville-based country music artists The Cerny Brothers.  The song captures AFO's ethos of protecting the land, feeding the world, and supporting the next generation. 

I Love this Land

Bourquin Brothers Music and Big Time Grain created this original song to champion the hard-working nature of the farmer and the enduring love of the land that comes from years of toil and dedication. 

Follow the Land Line

Jason Walsmith of The Nadas traveled 30,000 miles across the country in 2020 on his “I’ll Play Anywhere, Man” tour. The beauty of the ranches and farms where he played inspired him to write this song — “Follow the Land Line.”

Why Are You an American Farmland Owner?


What Does Owning Farmland Mean?

Most Americans can think back on their lives and make a connection to agriculture. This connection brings everyone together and gives fleeting moments of nostalgia to the 'good ole days while keeping farmland owners intertwined with their land and a genuine anchor to their roots.

AFO Expo Interview

In 2023, we talked with Laura Wilson, an American Farmland Owner, at the Land Investment Expo about her passion for growing her generational farming business and investing in her rural community. 

American Farmland Owner Hayfields mountains


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