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More than Cotton

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George Baird thought that he would be raising his kids on the Mississippi cotton farm where he grew up. But the Farm Crisis of the 1980s changed his dad’s plans, so the son looked at other options.

Thirty years later, Baird spends his days helping people like his dad managing farms, whether they are farmers or investors. Baird is the owner of Memphis, Tennessee-based Landmark Ag Capital, where he primarily focuses on the farmland potential of four states: Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Farms change hands differently in the Delta, Baird believes. He sees it as more private compared to other parts of the country. But he also believes that is slowly starting to change as landowners realize potential for higher sale prices by opening the process.

Baird’s heart will always remain with cotton. He knows some of the challenges that the industry faces with increased export competition from countries like Brazil and Australia.

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But Baird also feels confident about the potential of the Delta region for other crops. Water scarcity plagues some growers in the West. Baird thinks that the Delta’s relatively stable water supply could make it primed to expand its fruit and vegetable production.


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