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Notable Sales, January 26

O’Brien County, Iowa: Located three miles southwest of Sutherland, Iowa, an 80-acre piece of farmland was sold at public auction on January 16. With 75.84 tillable acres, the tract was 95% tillable and boasted an average CSR2 of 96.8. The property also featured a 0.94-acre building  site that includes some buildings from the 1920s. It sold for $17,200 per acre, or a total price of $1,384,000, and brought $186 per point.


Jasper County, Iowa: On January 24, five tracts located nine miles east of Baxter, Iowa, were brought to public auction. Four of the tracts were farmland acres and the last tract was an acreage. Of the four farmland tracts, two stood out: Tract 1 was 73.84 acres with a CSR2 of 87 and sold for $17,200 per acre or $198 per point. Tract 2 was 74.30 acres with a CSR2 of 75 and sold for $14,200 per acre or $192 per point. The sale included a 5% buyer’s premium, increasing the sale prices to $1,333,550 and $1,107,813 respectively.

O’Brien County, Iowa: A 76.79-acre tract of land was sold at public auction on January 24. Consisting of 72.09 cropland acres, the farm was 94% tillable and boasted a CSR2 of 94.6. The balance of the tract consisted of a grass waterway and two older grain bins. On auction day, the tract sold for $17,500 per acre, or a total price of $1,328,775, and brought $195 per point. This farm was located 5 miles southeast of Granville, Iowa.


McLean County, Illinois: Three tracts were brought to public auction on January 18 in McLean County, Illinois. Tracts 1 and 2 were located two miles northeast of Cooksville, Illinois, and Tract 3 was located 4 miles north of Towanda, Illinois. Tract 1 was 77.15 acres with a PI of 136.6 and sold for $16,000 per acre. Tract 2 was 78.6 acres with 73.31 tillable acres and sold for $13,300. Tract 3 was 35.7-acres with 24.1 tillable acres and the remaining acres in mature timber. It sold for $16,300 per acre.


Peoria County, Illinois: Located one mile south of Hanna City, Illinois, an 82.39-acre tract was sold at public auction. The tract boasted nearly 100% tillable acres and a PI of 141.4, indicating Class A soils. The tract sold for $16,700 per acre for a total of $1,375,913. It brought $118 per point.

Grant County, Wisconsin: Sold via the sealed bid auction method, two tracts of organic Wisconsin farmland were sold on January 17. The farms have been 100% USDA-certified organic since 2003 and have implemented cover crops for soil health. Tract 1 consisted of 20 acres carrying a soil rating of 86.5 and sold for $16,250 per acre or $325,000 total. Tract 2 consisted of 153.31 acres with 146.19 tillable acres. It sold for $14,825 per acre or $2,272,821 total. The farms were located five miles southwest of Cuba City, Wisconsin.


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