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Notable Sales, June 28

Graphic of midwest showing notable sales

Des Moines County, Iowa On June 18, four tracts totaling 290 m/l acres were sold for a total sale price of $4.61 million near Danville, Iowa. All four tracts were at least 90% tillable and sold for greater than $190 per CSR2 point. Tract 3 led the way, consisting of 88.46 acres with a CSR2 value of 89.4. It sold for $16,875 per acre or $197 per CSR2 point.

Sac County, Iowa A 36.69 m/l acre tract was sold via public auction on June 19. Located two miles west of Auburn, Iowa, this property consisted of 34.80 FSA cropland acres and held an average CSR2 value of 86.5. The farm sold for $20,000 per acre for a total sale price of $733,800 or $244 per CSR2 point.

Lyon County, Minnesota A single 231.32 m/l acres tract near Marshall, Minnesota, was sold via public auction on June 19. The FSA data indicated that there were 228.14 cropland acres with a CPI value of 93.0. The primary soil types were Canisteo and Ameiret loams. On auction day, this farm brought $3,115,554 or $13,475 per acre.

McLean County, Illinois 80.00 m/l acres located just north of McLean, Illinois, sold at public auction on June 27. This property was nearly 100% tillable and held class-A soils, with the average PI being 140.2. According to tenant yield information, the three-year soybean average was 75 bushels per acre. The farm sold for $1,416,000 or $17,700 per acre.


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