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The Fires Keep Burning

The Smokehouse Creek Fire -- the largest wildfire in the region’s history -- has parts of Texas and Oklahoma burning into their third week. The fires are terrorizing farmland, ranches, and livestock.

Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner estimates that thousands of cattle have already died in the fires in the panhandle, and thousands more will have to get euthanized because of the severity of their injuries.

A million acres of land may be torched.  Miles of fence could be destroyed. And what will surviving cattle eat with so much pasture burned?

Meanwhile, the wildfires in western Oklahoma have torn through more than 150,000 acres. The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation is organizing hay donations to help farmers and ranchers feed their livestock.

Xcel Energy has acknowledged blame for starting The Smokehouse Creek Fire. The Texas Tribune has details about the investigation into the fires and whether the company’s power lines are responsible. Read that here. 


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