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Notable Sales, December 15-28

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Sioux County, Iowa: On December 18, two tracts of farmland were offered at public auction via the buyer’s choice auction method. Tract 1 was 49 total acres with 47.4 tillable acres that included 4.90 acres currently enrolled in CRP. The average CSR2 on the tract was 90.1 and sold for $23,600/acre. Tract 2 was 35 total acres and included 6.61 acres currently enrolled in CRP with the remaining acres in cropland production. The average CSR2 on the tract was 89.2 and sold for $18,600/acre. The tracts were located just west of Boyden, Iowa.


Boone & Polk Counties, Iowa: Three tracts located just south of Madrid, Iowa, were brought to public auction on December 20. Sold via the buyer’s choice auction method, Tract 1 was the first to sell at 43.61 acres and brought $26,200 per acre. Future development opportunities helped reign in the final price. Tracts 2 and 3 were sold for $15,900 per acre. All three tracts were highly tillable and boasted strong CSR2 values.

Coles & Douglas Counties, Illinois: A nine-tract auction was held on December 19. The sale reported strong prices ranging from $14,000 to $19,000 per acre, but Tract 8 came out on top at $20,100 per acre. This high-selling tract was 72 acres that was 99% tillable and pattern tiled. The farm boasted a strong PI of 140.4 and was the highest PI of the tracts offered.

Piatt County, Illinois: Located just west of Bement, Illinois, two highly tillable tracts were sold at public auction. Tract 1 was 80 acres and Tract 2 was 96.5 acres. Sold via the buyer’s choice auction method, both tracts sold for $21,200 per acre. Tract 1 and 2 each boasted high PI values at 142.9 and 144, respectively.

Morgan County, Illinois: A two-tract auction of 219.86 acres was held on December 21. The tracts were located 1.5 miles southwest of Murrayville, Illinois. Tract 1 was 71 acres with a strong PI of 141.1. Being almost 100% tillable, it brought $22,100 per acre. Tract 2 didn’t sell quite as high, but still brought $11,300 per acre.

Renville County, Minnesota: On December 21, two tracts were brought to public auction and sold via the buyer’s choice auction method. Both tracts totaled 82.655 acres. Tract 1 was 99% tillable and had a strong CPI of 94.3. Tract 2 was also 99% tillable and had a CPI of 92.3. Both tracts sold for $16,800 per acre. The sale included a 2% Buyer’s Premium, which bumped the sale price to $17,136 per acre.


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