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Notable Sales, February 9

Boone County, Iowa: Located between Ames, Boone and Madrid, Iowa, two tracts of farmland sold at public auction via the buyer’s choice method on February 1. Both tracts were considered 100% tillable and both sold for $16,800 per acre for a total price of $3,850,728. Purchased by the same buyer, Tract 1 consisted of 89.21 acres and Tract 2 consisted of 140.29 acres. County drainage tile was present throughout the tracts and the location had great access to several competing grain markets including both grain elevators and ethanol plants.

Lyon County, Iowa: Four tracts of land sold at public auction on February 6, via the buyer’s choice method. Tracts 1 and 2 were sold first via buyer’s choice, followed by Tracts 3 and 4, also selling buyer’s choice. Tract 1 was the highest selling tract of the auction and consisted of 79.12 acres with approximately 78 tillable acres, selling for $19,500 per acre or $293 per point. Tract 2 consisted of 79.08 acres with approximately 76.56 tillable acres and sold for $16,250 or $227 per point. Tract 3 consisted of 114.12 acres with approximately 108.43 tillable acres. It sold for $17,200 per acre or $252 per point. Tract 4 was the smallest parcel offered at 44.76 acres with 38.55 tillable acres and sold for $19,000 per acre or $296 per point.

Hancock County, Illinois: On January 30, four tracts of Illinois farmland were sold. Tracts 1, 2, and 3 were located 3.5 miles west of Colusa, Illinois, and Tract 4 was located 4 miles west of Adrain, Illinois. Tract 1 was 100% tillable with 79.87 acres and a soil rating of 145.5. It sold for $21,400 per acre for a total price of $1,709,218. Tracts 2 and 3 both boasted PI values in the 140s and consisted of 82.93 acres and 86.08 acres, respectively. They each sold for $17,200 per acre. Tract 4 was 41.90 acres with 38 tillable acres and sold for $13,500 per acre.

La Salle County, Illinois: Another four-tract public auction was held on January 31. Tracts 1-3 were located 6 miles west of Streator, Illinois, and Tract 4 was located 8 miles northeast of Streator, Illinois. Tracts 1-3 sold via buyer’s choice and Tract 4 was sold on a price-per-acre basis. Both Tracts 1 and 2 sold for $17,300 per acre and consisted of 80.76 acres and 80.91 acres, respectively. Tract 3 consisted of 80.83 acres with 79.9 tillable acres and sold for $16,800 per acre. Tracts 1-3 all boasted soil ratings of 144. Tract 4 was 78.28 acres with 76.96 tillable acres. It is enrolled in the Invenergy Grand Ridge II wind project and sold for $14,000 per acre.


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