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Notable Sales, May 31

Harrison County, Iowa One 77.52 m/l acre tract was sold via public auction on May 20. Located seven miles east of Beebeetown, Iowa, this property consisted of 77.35 FSA cropland acres holding an average CSR2 value of 68.8. It sold for $14,800 per acre for a total sale price of $1,147,296 or $216 per CSR2 point. 

Madison County, Iowa On May 24, 160 m/l acres were sold ten miles north of Winterset, Iowa. Selling as one tract, this property consisted of 120.91 acres in cropland production and 26.68 acres enrolled in CRP. The tillable acres held a CSR2 value of 79.7 with over 40% of these acres boasting a CSR2 of 90. It sold at public auction for $10,600 per acre for a total sale price of $1,696,000. 

Webster County, Iowa Located three miles northeast of Dayton, Iowa, an individual 80 m/l acre tract sold at public auction on May 29. This farm consisted of 79.06 FSA cropland acres with a CSR2 value of 70.9. The primary soil types were Marna silty clay loam and Nicollet/Guckeen complex. It sold for $14,800 per acre for a final sale price of $1,184,000 or $211 per CSR2 point. 

Pike County, Illinois Two tracts located two miles southeast of Milton, Illinois, were sold via buyer’s choice auction on May 23. Tract one consisted of 47.68 m/l acres with a PI value of 137, and Tract 2 consisted of 81.52 m/l acres holding a PI value of 138. Both tracts were nearly 100% tillable. Tract 1 sold for $18,100 per acre, and Tract 2 sold for $19,100 per acre for a total sale price of $2,420,040. 


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