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Notable Sales, June 14

Washington County, Iowa On May 31, 103 m/l acres were sold right outside of West Chester, Iowa. This property consists of 92.25 m/l acres in cropland production and 8.75 acres enrolled into CRP. The tillable acres held a CSR2 value of 81.9, with the primary soil types being Mahaska and Taintor silty clay loams. It sold for $16,700 per acre for a total sale price of $1,720,100.

Guthrie County, Iowa One 151.48 m/l acre tract was sold via public auction on June 6. Located ten miles east of Audubon, Iowa, this property consists of 143.31 FSA cropland and a depleted acreage site. Of these FSA acres, 133.81 acres are in current cropland production, and 10.11 acres are enrolled in CRP. The FSA acres carry a CSR2 value of 74.5 with gently rolling slopes of 0-14%. The farm sold for $13,600 per acre for a total sale price of $2,060,128 or $192 per CSR2 point.

Dallas/Madison County, Iowa 437.75 m/l acres were sold as three unique tracts at public auction on June 12. Tract 1 consisted of 37.75m/l transitional acres adjoining the city limits of Van Meter, Iowa, with a 1,656 square-foot home and 28.89 FSA cropland acres. It sold for $24,300 per acre or $917,325 total. Tract 2 consisted of 126.85 m/l acres with an estimated 113.71 cropland acres carrying a CSR2 value of 84.6. It sold for $12,700 or $1,610,995 total. Tract 3 consisted of 273.15 m/l acres, with a land mix of 101.22 cropland acres and a balance of fenced pasture. It sold for $1,884,735 or $6,900 per acre.

Appanoose County, Iowa On June 12, 576.00 m/l acres located just east of Sundown Lake in Unionville, Iowa, sold at public auction. The sale was sold as twelve diverse tracts that included highly tillable cropland, improved pasture, rural homes, and potential development sites. All twelve tracts together sold for a final sale price of $3,342,960.

Fremont County, Iowa Four tracts totaling 295.61 m/l acres located four miles east of Sidney, Iowa, sold at public auction via the buyer's choice method. Of the four tracts, Tract 3 stood out the most. It consisted of 84.05 m/l acres with 79.00 tillable acres that held a CSR2 value of 93.7. It sold for $16,250 per acre or $185 per CSR2 point. Tracts 1 and 2 were both highly tillable, with 66.6 m/l acres selling for $15,900 per acre and 72.6 m/l acres selling for $14,100 per acre. Tract 4 was comprised of 72.36 m/l acres, with 68.5 acres currently enrolled into CRP that will expire this year. It sold for $10,600 per acre.


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