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Notable Sales, May 17

Mitchell County, Iowa On May 3, 153.00 m/l acres were sold eight miles northwest of Riceville, Iowa. This property consists of 129.86 FSA cropland acres and 13.30 acres enrolled in CRP. The tillable soils held a CSR2 value of 73.5, with the primary soil types being Marshan clay loams and productive Floyd and Kenyon loams. It sold as one tract for $ 1,208,700 or $7,900 per acre. 

Wayne County, Iowa Two tracts of land located three miles east of Humeston, Iowa, sold via buyer’s choice auction on May 9. Tract o1 consisted of 80.00 m/l acres with 70.7 acres in cropland production and 5.29 acres of CRP. It sold for $656,000 or $8,200 per acre. The second tract consisted of 151.51 m/l acres with 126.88 FSA cropland acres. Selling for $893,909 or $5,900 per acre. The cropland on both tracts held a CSR2 of 52.

Henry County, Iowa One 40-acre tract located four miles south of Rome, Iowa, sold on May 15. The farm consists of 35.00 FSA HEL cropland acres holding an average CSR2 value of 42.6. It sold for $6,225 per acre for a total price of $249,000 or $167 per CSR2 point. 

Polk County, Iowa Located five miles west of Prairie Meadows Horse Racetrack, a 21.2 m/l acre equestrian ranch sold on May 16. The property consisted of multiple top-notch equestrian facilities and a 2,065 square foot home. The facilities included two smaller machine sheds for storage, an outdoor arena, and a large stable with an indoor arena. This property sold for $2,000,000.  

Adams County, Illinois 127.89 m/l acres sold in three tracts at public auction on May 13. Tract 1 was the most notable consisting of 64.36 acres with 63.74 FSA cropland acres. The cropland held a PI value of 136.5 with Timewell and Virden soils. It sold for $19,200 per acre for a total sale price of $1,235,712. 


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