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Notable Sales, May 3

Fayette County, Illinois Six tracts of land totaling 797.98 acres went to auction on April 17. All

tracts of land included hunting opportunities. Tracts 1 and 5 sold at the highest price of the lot

at $6,950 per acre. Both tracts were around 80% tillable with a 131 PI. The remainder of the

tracts included more timber and sold for between $3,950 and $6,600 per acre. The six tracts

sold for a combined $4,589,348.

Calhoun County, Iowa On April 23, 57.48 acres sold at auction in Calhoun County, Iowa. This

farm consisted of 55.86 FSA cropland acres with 1.61 acres enrolled in CRP. The tillable land

carried an 88.7 CSR2 rating. This was offered as one tract and sold for $12,750 per acre or $148

per point.

Marion County, Iowa One 64-acre tract in Marion County, Iowa, sold at auction for $6,300 per

acre on April 26. This farm had 49.62 acres enrolled in CRP until October of 2024. That gave the

buyer options to re-enroll in CRP or convert back to tillable acres. The potential tillable acres

held a CSR2 rating of 75.6. This property was located west of Knoxville with White Breast

Creek bordering the south side.

Sioux County, Iowa On April 30, Sioux County, Iowa, had two tracts sold at auction. Tract 1

consisted of a 7.65 m/l acre cattle feedlot. Included in this tract were multiple cattle sheds and

outbuildings. Tract 2 consisted of 22.96 m/l acres around the feedlot with 22.91 m/l acres being

tillable. This tract carried a whopping CSR2 rating of 99.1. Tract 1 sold for a lump sum of

$620,000, and tract 2 sold for $29,800 per acre or a total of $684,208.


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