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Peach Fuzz, Not Freeze

This time it appears that Georgia producers avoided the cruel up and down temptations of Mother Nature. Last year, an unusually warm winter tricked fruit trees into early blossoms.

DID YOU KNOW? Georgia is nicknamed “The Peach State.” But California produces about seven times as many tons of peaches per year, according to the USDA. 

But then March 2023 reminded the blooms what impatience can do. A freeze destroyed 90% of the state’s peaches. But 2024 is thawing refreeze fears.

FLASHBACK: Ten years ago, an extreme cold weather spell may have helped Georgia’s peach crop. The Augusta Chronicle had this story about weather’s factor.

A freeze warning went out Monday. Peach, citrus, and blueberry producers shuddered with the chill of a 2023 repeat. But temperatures remained warm enough to avoid the freeze and allow the fruits to continue their early development. They now look to make it through the rest of the month frost-free.  

FULL STORY: The Atlanta Journal Constitution talked to growers about the near miss and why producers are already adjusting their methods because of winter’s warmer weather. Read that story here. 


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