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Warmer and Warmer

Fertilizer prices, consumer demand, interest rates, trade policies, regulations, and rising labor costs are all things that farmland owners can’t easily control. But here is one more that can be even more difficult: changing weather.

New England winters have warmed the most over the past 40 years, while winters in the West have cooled the most. Those are among the findings of a Washington Post investigation that tracks weather patterns since 1980.

THE NEXT SEASON: Axios looked ahead to Spring warming trends by comparing temperatures since 1970. Look at those results here. 

Here is how much temperatures increased (in degrees Fahrenheit) per decade since 1980:

·         Boston, Massachusetts: +1.08°

·         Cleveland, Ohio: +1.02°

·         Indianapolis, Indiana: +0.83°

·         Tallahassee, Florida: +0.79°

·         Houston, Texas: +0.75°

·         Knoxville, Tennessee: +0.71°

·         Macon, Georgia: +0.67°

·         Cape Girardeau, Missouri: +0.65°

·         Topeka, Kansas: +0.54°

·         Dubuque, Iowa: 0.27°


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