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Commodities Reality Check

Corn Harvest at Dusk

While the Biden administration’s focus on rural communities is supposed to add value, vitality and promise, it comes at a time when some producers hope to make up for other declines. Specifically, three crops have trended down after having lucrative surges, which threaten to reduce operating income for landowners.

FLASHBACK: Corn prices hit 8-year high in May 2021.

Corn, soybeans and wheat have all fallen in value over the past 12 months. Although, those declines followed nearly two years of substantial gains that coincided with the time that the United States was dealing with the wrath of COVID-19.


Corn -- ↓27% to $5.21 per bushel

Soybeans -- ↓7% to $13.20 per bushel

Wheat -- ↓19% to $7.07 per bushel

The chart below gives a broader view and compares the monthly prices for corn, beans and wheat since 2021.

Commodity Price Trends

(Source: USDA October 2023 Monthly Prices)

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Farm Policy News breaks down how weather patterns and Russia have impacted overall prices and dropped harvest crop insurance below spring guarantees. Read that here.

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